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What is Relief?

It is very well known that the human body's DEFENSE mechanism is very efficient. It won't allow any malfunctioning in the normal circumstances. So in minor acute conditions or in cases of Indisposition of health we don't require any medication at all.

We require medication only in disease conditions. But while treating disease What are we looking for "RELIEF or CURE?"

Many a times we get confused between RELIEF and CURE

When we take any medication we are always is search of quick relief from the sufferings. In this process we are so absorbed that we do not think whether we are really feeling better or it is just a disappearance for the time being of the symptoms.

We will first look at how typical established modern medicines provide relief for different types of ailments. Established modern medicines generally give relief for a temporary period such as four to six hours. However, they don't really solve the problem because they do not necessarily
cure the disease.

The following medicines
have immence value as far as their symptomatic relief is concerned in treating acute or life threatening diseases but they have their own Limitations as, they are not very useful in treating chronic diseases because the doses of these medicines have to be increased with time because the body gets immune to the doses.


Analgesics or (N S A I DS)
(Non Steroidal Anti Inflamatory Drugs)

Iboprufen is commonly used to seek relief from headaches or other kinds of pain. One can understand the need of that in getting relief from pain because it can get intolerable. To really solve the problem one needs to address the root cause of that problem. This can be done by visiting a qualified physician. Diagnosing the disease and then making an attempt to get cured from that disease. Just taking an analgesic for pain and then forming a habit of that medicine is wrong. It can lead to suppression of the indication which the body is attempting to provide to attract your attention towards the root cause.

Suppose your child is crying possibly due to some intolerable pain. Are you going to keep your hand on his mouth or otherwise make him stop crying. No! Then why do this to your own body? This approach is always dangerous. No qualified practitioner should advise this.

Help of these temporary medicines should be taken but only to buy some time so that one can get to the root cause of the problem. While saying this, role of other medicines should not be forgotten.

Antispasmadic medicines

These medicines are very useful in abdominal colics, either in gastrointestinal pain due to constipation (gases) or the menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea) They relieve the internal spasm helping to reduce the pain.

If this continuous every time then cause for gastric indigestion should be examined & treated accordingly.

In menstrual pains If the pain continues every month then proper constitutional remedy should be taken for permanant cure.


These are antibacterial medicines given for bacterial infections. The choice of these medicines changes according to the nature and severity of the bacteria and the infection.

Antibiotics help in controlling the infection by killing the causative bacteria. But they do not stimulate the body to fight the same bacteria. Therefore, they should be used only when required and after a full investigation in the form of culture tests. In recent times, the use of antibiotics in general medical practice has increased considerably and they are quite often given on a trial and error basis. This can result in the prolonging treatment of the infection.

The second disadvantage is always forgotten, which is that there are many normal and good bacteria (Acidophilus and Bifidus) in the human body. In fact, the gastrointestinal tract of the human body is covered with normal bacteria flora. The use of antibiotics also kills these good bacteria resulting in the disturbed gastrointestinal functions. This, in turn, results in lowering the resistance power of the individual to disease.

Another misuse of antibiotics usually occurs in cases of viral infections. Antibiotics are not the solution for virus infections.
for example- The scope of antibiotics in the case of influenza or hepatitis is limited only for preventing bacterial complications. Antibiotics are still included in the prescriptions for the treatment of viral infection because of the limited availability of medicines for viral infections.


In case of angioneurotic oedema, such as allergic skin reactions or acute (respiratory) laryngeal spasm these medicines play a very important role by reducing the oedema because if this allergic reaction spreads into the tracheo-bronchial tree or lungs then it may result in laryngo-spasm causing breathlessness and chocking causing danger to life.

In cases of chronic allergic manifestations like URTICARIA, ALLERGIC RHINITIS & BRONCHITIS, BRONCHIAL ASTHMA etc. regular use of these drugs is not usefull .
One has to treat these diseases by improoving the resistance power or Immunity.

Antidiarrhoea medicines

These are very effective medicines in cases of severe dehydration or food poisoning because if the diarrhoea is not stopped the patient may loose all the fluid from his body and that may be FATAL for his life.
In casea of long standing diarrhoea the cause should be find out insted of continuing with these medicines, because possibly,there may be any intestinal or Colonic pathology, which can lead to chronic loss of fluids which should be treated accordingly.
If these cases are neglected then the patient may suffer from chronic anaemia.

Antihelminthic medicines

These medicines are given for worms in the Gastrointestinal tract. But in recent times, there is a tendency in many families that they give de-worming tablets to their children every 3 to 4 months; without doing any stool examination to see for any worms or blood cell count for anaemia.
As mentioned earlier, a healthy human body is capable of throwing all the foreign matter including worms on its own and that is why unnecessary medication should be avoided.

Antipyretic medicines

The action of these drugs is to reduce the body temperature which is elevated when there is fever. These medicines act on the centers in the brain called Hypothalamus.
But one must consider that taking these medicines even for the smallest rise in body temperature would reduce its effectivity on the body.
Because of their limited action on the body to reduce temperature won't treat the fever and its causes. In fact, if these medicines are taken every 6 hours, the fever may get suppressed and the cause of the fever may become undetectable resulting in a possible relapse.
That is why such medicines should be used only when indicated or under the advice of the doctor. Rather they should be used to avoid febrile convulsions which is the result of high fever affecting the higher centers in the brain(hypothalamus).

In short, daily routine and health should be given prime importance and 'Cure' from the disease should be kept on the top priority rather than getting relief from the symptoms of chronic disease

Antihypertensive medicines

It is very important to know what is hypertension before we discuss about the antihypertensive drugs.
The dose should be adjusted so that hypertention can be controlled and won't cause any further systemic damage. The cause of HT should be diagnosed first, whether it is Renal, Cardiac or Stress induced and medicine should be given accordingly. This is to ensure the cure from the disease. Otherwise, it is a difficult disease to cure and the doses of the Antihypertensive drugs go on increasing.

The action of the antihypertensive drugs differs with each drug like Vasodilators, calcium blockers etc. but just dilating the vessel wall every time won't treat the cause of the elevation in the blood pressure. You must find out the cause and treat it accordingly.


The treatment of Diabetes changes according to the suger levels in the blood.
If the patients are taking the drugs for diabetes and not following the Diet prescribed by the physician or not doing the exercise to burn the extra calories, it useless to take medicines of any system of medicines.
The modern medicines controls the suger level very effectively.
The oral hypoglycemic agents (OHA) are the medicines taken orally to reduce the blood sugar. They are mainly used in NIDDM.(non insulin dependant diabetes malitus)
The main problem of these medicines is their increasing doses. Ultimately the patient may require Insulin if the suger levels are not comming down. Once the disease becomes Insulin dependent then it very difficult to cure.


As the name suggests these medicines dilates the lungs bronchioles in cases of Allergic bronchitis or other acute lower respiratory spasms like Bronchial Asthma
This effect is very usefull to prevent the spasm of the airway, otherwise the patient will become breathless.
If the disease is chronic and the patient is going in this kind of bronchial spasm regularly then the requirment of this medicine goes on increasing.
A very interesting FACT in this regard can explain you the need of permanant cure -
When any allergic substance enters in the air passage, the signals reach to the immune systems. This immune system orders the air passage to go in spasm attempting the closure of wind pipe which may prevent the entry of the allergic substance in the body.
The action of the bronchodilators is to inflate the air passage and to relieve the spasm.
But if a patient is allergic to dust then this immune mechanism will remain always on alert causing recurrent or permanant, narrowing or closure of the wind pipe.
This may cause long standing breathlessness to the patients suffering from asthma.
Further all the bronchodilators are known to produce side effects like- headaches, tremors, drowsiness etc.

In short - frequent use of bronchodilators is not advisable.


Steroids are the most useful life saving drugs in modern medicine. These are immunosuppressive medicines which suppress the exaggerated immune response in any disease conditions.

But because of their symptom-suppressing abilities, steroids are favorite prescriptions for achieving fast results. The physicians who prescribe these medicines do not consider the side-effects of these drugs which may be spoiling the total health of the patient. Such side effects include:

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Lowered immunity
  • Early cataracts
  • Early diabetes
  • Recurrent infections
  • Puffiness of face, body, etc.

Hormonal therapy

In cases of other hormonal disturbances like Thyroid hormone disease or the sexual hormone disturbances, the hormonal supplements are very essential. Because they bring back the disturbances in the hormones to their normal levels.
Because Hormones play a very vital role in the body Physiology and it's functioning.

After correcting the levels of these hormones, one should go in detail study of the causes of this disturbance and try to find out a permenant solution for the Disease.


All the skin diseases which appear on the skin are not really the skin affections.Thera are hardly few skin diseases which are classically called as skin disease.
For e.g. - SCABIES, CHICKEN POX, ORGANIC SKIN (fungal or bacterial) INFECTIONS etc.
As far as the treatment of these skin diseases are concern - Commonly the medicines are prescribed to "suppress the skin erruptions" either by antifungal or antibacterial creams.

Most of the skin diseases are the only reflected on the skin but the cause of these diseases lies within the body.
These diseases are the affection of the immune system reflecting on the skin.
These diseases are also treated with Steroid ointments which suppresses the immune system attempting to treat skin erruptions
If we treat the skin insted of the "affected immune system" then definetly the suppressed skin disease will come again after some period or may affect the other system of body like respiratory system.
that is why allergic skin diaease or Eczema often alternates with Allergic asthma.

Homoeopathy believes in Exteriorisation of disease through the skin & have medicines to treat them (HERING'S LAW OF CURE)
(Described in Ideal Cure)

The reason for explaining this topic in detail is to make the people realise the value of these medicines for Acute ailments as far as their " symptomatic effect " is concern which will relieve their symptoms.

But we would like to stress upon one thing here.
Are we not suppressing the symptoms every time instead of treating them to get a complete & Ideal cure?

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