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Totality of symptoms

In Homoeopathy totality of symptoms does not mean, by consideration of all the symptoms the patient describes. But only peculiar, rare, characteristic symptoms of the individual which may reflect in following ways -

  1. The physical structure and functioning of various systems,
  2. The mental framework, consisting of emotional and intellectual sphere
  3. ,
  4. Patient's subconscious level consisting of sleep, position in sleep and dreams
  5. ,
  6. Causative and aggravating factors of certain disease or symptoms
  7. ,
  8. Past and family history of the individual
  9. .

All of the above mentioned factors are considered to form a portrait of the individual. Homoeopathy generally considers all of these factors as relevant to solving the medical problem as the symptoms reported by the patient.

A medicine or remedy that addresses all of these symptoms and matches the portrait of the patient is called in Homoeopathy as a constitutional remedy. Homoeopathic constitutional remedies have proven very effective in CURING many medical problems.

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