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Tips to maintain good Health

1] Maintain regularity in the daily routine

The human body has its own biological clock that adapts to a daily routine and also changes with seasons. It is necessarytherefore to have a regular routine with consistent eating and sleeping habits.

2] Eat as much natural foods as you can.

Natural foods are more nutritious than preserved ones. All natural foods except fruits & salads should be cooked. Cooking helps to destroy microorganisms in food, makes it easy to digest & destroy anti nutritional factors. However food should not be exessively cooked as that can destroy the vitamins contained in it.

3] Consume seasonal foods as far as possible

Seasonal changes have tremendous impact on the human body & its health.which There fore diet should be modified according to changes inclimactic conditions. For example, the intake of water and electrolytes should be increased in summer to replace body fluids lost through perspiration. Increased intake of carbohydrates & fats during winter helps the body to generate additional heat so that the body temperature is effectively maintained.

4] Do not eat exessively

Good health can be maintained if at any meal one eats light amount of food. Do not eat while watching television, talking, reading as it can lead to overeating.

5] Avoid excessive intake of salt & spices

Excessive intake of salt and spices can be harmful to the body in the long run for eg excessive salt intake can lead to hypertension in people prone to eat. Also very spicy foods can be harmful to the delicate lining of the gastro-intestinal tract.

6] Avoid excessive consumption of sweets

Excessive intake of these foods like sugar, jams, jellies, marmalades as it can lead to dental caries, as well as Diabetes

7] Eat food containing complex carbohydrates

Eat foods containing complex carbohydrates like starch & fibre found in Whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetable, pulses & legumes. Avoid simple carbohydrates such as those found in sugar, honey , jaggery.

8] Avoid foods containing large amount of fat

Cholesterol and saturated fats like ghee, butter ,vanaspati must be avoided. Vegetable oils may be used in small amount. Avoid excessive consumption of meat, fish ,poultry, egg, organ meat.

9]Exercise regularly and maintain your ideal weight

A daily exercise of any kind like
'aerobic' for at least 45 minutes is necessary to maintain a good metabolism , which in turn helps maintain proper body weight.morsel thoroughly

10] Avoid a Monotonous Diet and maintain a balanced diet

Eat a variety of foods as no single food provides all nutrients.

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