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Theory of Biochemics

These are also known as twelve tissue remedies

According to Dr. Schussaler the human body is make up of the 12 essential biochemistry salt. The disturbance in any of these 12 salt's level can produce disease. Correcting them by administration of these salts can cure the disease & its symptoms

Although this information is very useful in helping and curing your day to day sufferings. If the signs and symptoms persist please consult a Homeopathic physician.

Since homeopathic medicines are very useful in curing the patient as a whole not only his disease it is very important to know your own constitutional remedy selected by a thorough case taken by a Homeopathic physician.

List of the 12 tissue remedies

1) Calcarea Fluorica
2) Calcarea Phosphorica
3) Calcarea Sulphurica
4) Ferrum Phosphoricum
5) Kali Muriaticum
6) Kali Phosphoricum
7) Kali Sulphuricum
8) Magnesia Phosphorica
9) Natrum Muriaticum
10) Natrum Phosphoricum
11) Natrum Sulphuricum
12) Silicea

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