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Version History
HEALTH-F1 Software

This page provides information on problems that could be encountered, or have been encountered in the past regarding the use of Health-F1. It is possible that you will find the answer to your problem on this page. If you do not find answers to your problem on this page, or have a bug to report, or have any other technical questions on the product, please send us an email to the address given below:

Technical Support Contact: softwaresupport@healtholistic.com

When reporting a bug or a problem by email, please provide as much detail as is possible about the problem along with the following information:

  • The version of Health-F1 you are using
  • The version of the Mac OS on your computer with amount of RAM
  • The model of your Macintosh

Reminders do not show up when a computer is in sleep mode

If the computer is in sleep mode when a reminder is due, the computer is not automatically woken up from sleep. So reminders that are due when a computer is asleep will be displayed when the computer is woken up from sleep mode.

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