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Version History
HEALTH-F1 Software
Version: 1.0
Upload Date: January 29, 2004
System Requirements: Macintosh with Mac OS 10.2 or later
Price: Single User License - US$15

Health-F1 is an exercise and break reminder program designed primarily for professionals who spend a lot of time on computers or have otherwise very sedentary occupations. Professionals working for prolonged time on computers are susceptible to many health problems that can affect all the parts of the body.

Health-F1 is used to schedule reminders for doing regular exercises and stretches during the course of the day, to relieve stress and strain on the body and mind and ultimately to keep you fit and healthy.

Each exercise is explained with steps and illustrated with graphics. An example exercise illustration is shown below:

Health-F1 is currently available for Mac OS X.

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