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Role of a Dietitian

"Dietician" the word having a lot of misconcepts causes a jittery feeling in some individuals as it makes them imagine of starvation and hunger tremors. Yet to the others, especially obese persons, it makes them enthusiastic as they feel they would reduce their weight within days and slim down.

These individuals go to the dietician with a lot of false expectations.

It is always better to visit a dietician after clearing your doubts and going with a balanced mind.

Role of Dietician

Role of Dietician in HEALTH

Food as all know plays an important role in our lives. It brings to your mind the most delicious mouth watering recepies. You are at times confused as to the food you are eating is enough for your body in comparison to the activities you perform: is it less? Are you overeating?
As you know every individuals need for different nutrients like calories, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals is different and varies with age, sex, activity level, environmental factors, BMR, etc. Here comes the role of a dietician in health, as this person has knowledge of food and makes you aware of what and how much you should eat taking into consideration your likes and dislikes, so that you would eat a nutritious diet to lead a healthy life.
This diet will fulfill the requirement to all the nutrients needed by the body for proper functioning. This is what is a "Balanced Diet" they would guide you to.

Role of Dietician in DISEASE

There are 3 major types of diseases.

Type 1 - Disease caused by nutrient deficiency like anaemia, vitamin A deficiency giving rise to night blindness etc. where Diet plays an all important role as giving food with nutrient deficient in concentrated form can cure the disease.

Type 2 - These include Diabetes and Coronary heart disease. Diet can control the disease and not cure it. It helps to check progress of disease and hence prevent complications. Without diet these diseases can become uncontrollable. But medical treatment is a must for these disease conditions.

Type 3 - Infectious disease like Malaria, T.B., Typhoid where diet plays a lesser degree of role. In all these diseases dietician guides you what food to eat and what food should be totally avoided to recover fast from the disease.

In short


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