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Relaxation techniques

Importance of relaxation

In this FAST MODERN LIFE people do not have time for themselves & even if they have they don't want to spend for self .
Everybody is running around to achieve, something or the other.
Yes we do agree that this is a good sign for Development, but the SPEED of that running behind this is FEARSOME.

For example:-
We set some goals in front of us.
we keep a borderline to complete it.
Then to meet that we do hard work
Imagine if some difficulty comes in between.
This disturbs our schedule & takes some extra time .
All these causes Irritability in our mind
This creates pressure in the mind .


TO AVOID this Regular Relaxation is ESSENTIAL

There are many relaxation techniques like

- Exercise & relaxation

- Introspection

- Self Analysis & Evaluation

- Yoga

- Breathing exercises.

Learn about and try different techniques and choose one or two that work for you.

Exercise & Relaxation

Most of the time, we are not aware of tension in our body unless it causes headaches, muscle tightness, vomiting, diarrhea, and ulcers in more extreme situations.

An important part of recovery is becoming aware of our feelings. Our thoughts and feelings are major sources of this tension; creating tightness in neck and shoulders, the lower back, stomach, or legs and feet or anywhere in the body. However, we are not always aware of our internal state, so, another way to recognize and manage some of our internal feelings is through identifying what it feels like to be tense.

Rest & relaxation can help us learn to recognize the tension or stress in our bodies, so we can STOP it before it becomes a major physical problem (headache, muscle tightness, etc). It helps us recognize what tension and relaxation feels like. Since we all store stress in our bodies, we can only release body tension if we are AWARE of it.

It is very important to take rest in between to improove the quality of work.
The best way of relaxation is to SLEEP. Our body requirs at least 8 hours of Rest and Sleep per day.


The word Introspection means to look into yourselves.

. Many times we become aware of our stress, anxiety or anger from symptoms such as: feeling hot, sweaty, flush, increase in heart rate, or noticeable restlessness.

Thoughts and feelings which create fear can initiate the fight or flight response in all of us. A potential threat (ex: seeing a cockroch in front of you) can cause a chemical reaction in our body (release of adrenaline). The release of adrenaline can cause an immediate increase in heart rate and breathing, which then causes the release of even MORE adrenaline!

Conscious thinking of the facts with a balanced mind can really change
the perception.
Thorough ANALYSIS & EVALUATION should be done about the matters which are of importance.

We can reduce this tension by slowing our breathing down (this is in our control), which in turn slows our heart rate, which STOPS the release of our natural stimulants & bring the body into a calm state.


When we say that people don't give time to themselves it means:-

Every person is facing lots of emotional states like anger, sorrow, grief, anxiety,fear,etc.While dealing with all these for a long time He or She may get carried away with it.
This causes unilateral thinking (one side of the COIN) of the facts which creats Irritability in the mind which ultimetly reflects in TENTION or STRESS.

What we need to do is to give a break to this NEGATIVE THINKING.

Simple way todo this is-

- Take out atleast 15 to 20 minutes for yourself.
- Be alone in this time without any work or commitment.
- Sit in an open place either in balcony or in the terrace of your home.
- Calm down your body & mind.
- Try to analyse each & every thought.
- After analysing them EVALUATE your action towards it
- If you are able to locate your mistakes then except them.
- Try to improovr them next time.
- Don't repeat old mistakes

All this will happen when you will give a second thought to your actions or your thought pattern.

This is not something NEW which we are telling, 90% of you know this truth. But in this fast lifestyle we don't give sufficient time to ourselves.


Regular practice of Yoga has many Advantages like :-

- Aim at better neuro- muscular co-ordination, control over the autonomic nervous system, a feeling of well-being and increase in psycho-neuro immunity.

- Refreshes the mind more effectively & brings about good effects on both the body and mind.

- Increase the tone of voluntary and involuntary muscles and improve the strength of ligaments, tendons & small internal muscles

- Increase physical functional capacity.

- Besides physical strength, help to increase stress competence.

- Control obesity.& Increase resistance to disease.

- Relaxation of muscles reduces tention in the body.

- During Yogic practices Pulse rate and blood pressure remain steady.

- Heart muscles gets massage due to the actions of the diaphragm thereby improving the tone & the function of the myocardium.

- Improve respiratory function, & autonomic balance.

.- Quick return of venous blood.improve glucose tolerance.

- Help to improove Fat Metabolism without exertion,& to reduce cholesterol

Breathing Exercise

Itís called PRANAYAM in YOGA.

- Inhale for 5 SLOW seconds
- HOLD IT for 5 SLOW seconds
- Exhale completely for 5 SLOW seconds.
- Repeat 3 times.
Itís easy to PRACTISE because one can do this anywhere either at resting or at workplace.

If you like this Breathing exercise, it can go one more step. During the inhale, say to yourself, "I am...", and on the exhale, "relaxed..." (relaxing music can be played while you do this).
"I am.......................relaxed........................". You can repeat the breathing for as long as you wish; if done long enough, you may fall asleep.

Itís good to see how quickly PRANAYAM breathing can calm our bodies; bringing our breathing and heart rate go back to baseline.

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