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Patients Role In Cure

Patients willing to take medicines of this system for their chronic and long standing diseases should find out his own constitutional remedy from a qualified homeopathic physician through a detailed case taking.

Patients role in Case Taking

  1. Understand this science completely and believe in it.
  2. You should give a detailed history of his aliments.
  3. Do not hide anything from the doctor.
  4. Do not give false or modified answers.
  5. Give positive or negative characteristics about you.
  6. Tell incidences in your life which has changed your lifestyle or has left any impact on you.
  7. Tell in details about your feelings and dreams because they represent your subconscious mental state.
This information helps the doctor to arrive at your constitution and to find the correct remedy, which will remove all the acquired constitutional defects affecting your resistance power (vital force) which is responsible for your diseases.

Patients role in Medication
  1. Take medicines regularly and religiously with faith.
  2. Do not touch the medicinal pills.
  3. Don't eat or drink anything before or after half an hour of taking the medicine.
  4. Take medicines in the dosage recommended by the physician.
  5. Do not take self-medications without doctor's advice.
  6. Have patience as chronic diseases take a long time to cure.

Patients Role in Follow Up

  1. Keep a regular follow up.
  2. Notice the changes minutely.
  3. Note each symptom with respect to its

    - intensity
    - duration

    - frequency

    (You may start getting the relief in any of these 3 areas)

  4. Note down all your queries and ask them without fail.
  5. If asked to maintain a chart, say for ailments like blood pressure or Bedwetting, do so as per the guidelines requested.

Drug, Diet, Decubitus (Exercise)

  1. Maintain strict dietary restrictions according to the disease e.g. salt restriction in hypertension
  2. Movement restrictions if any e.g. avoid overexertion in lumbar spondylosis
  3. Exercise recommended must be performed regularly
  4. Pathological investigations must be done regularly

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