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Myths and Facts : -

Dietary restrictions like that of coffee, garlic, strong smelling substances is required.
Coffee Tosta a homoeopathic remedy was found as a antidote to many of medicines and so coffee was not allowed but now research has shown that homoeopathic medicine acts on dynamic level. So keeping a gap of some time before and after consuming medicine is sufficient for the medicine to act. There are no such restrictions required, barring some remedies.
However, disease related dietary restrictions s
hould be followed, like NO SUGAR for Diabetes, etc.

Very slow relief. It is not always so but in case of chronic diseases you should be patient and wait for cure to take place. It takes time to cure the disease from its root cause.

No scope in acute disease.
This is not true as in acute cases where there is no gross pathology. Homoeopathy works very fast in diseases like in Allergic Rhinitis and Asthmatic attacks.

Does not have side effects and reactions.
This is absolutely wrong. According to the law of Drug proving if medicines are wrongly taken in wrong potency or for a wrong duration the medicine can start proving itself and produce its own signs and symptoms in an individual. Also wrong medication can cause medicinal aggravation of a particular disease. (These are technical effects and not the side-effects.)

Contains steroids. Homoeopathy is dispensed in form of pills prepared from sacrum lactose (made from goats milk). This milk has minute quantity of steroids which may be found in pills or powder but if found in excess it means it has been added for quick recovery by some doctors. This is illegal and cheating.

Should not be taken with Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. Allopathic medicines act on physiological level while homoeopathic medicines act on dynamic levels.so there is no need to restrict allopathic medication when on homoeopathic medicines and vice versa. If you are taking homoeopathic treatment for a chronic disease and if you have another acute disease you can take allopathic treatment alongwith homoeopathic & vice versa.

Only after eating. Homoeopathic medicines act best on an empty stomach and also they act on nerves which are plenty on tongue. So you should not eat anything before and after taking medicine for half an hour. Also always take the medicine after cleaning the tongue.

No scope in newborns and infants. Newborns and infants can be treated with these medicines as the information can be obtained from mothers pregnancy history. Also the medicine is administered to the mother when the baby is lactating.

Useless in incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS. Though there are no chances of cure with homoeopathy , it definitely can help by relieving the torture and pain before death of the sufferer (Palliative treatment).

No need to take allopathic medicines for diseases like diabetes or hypertension when you are taking homoeopathic medicines for these diseases. If you are suffering from major diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy or thyroid diseases, you have to take the specific allopathic treatment for that. You can take homoeopathic treatment in attempt of curing the disease along with allopathic treatment.
If homoeopathic remedy is acting on your body, showing the changes in the clinical or pathological investigations, you may reduce the allopathic medicine dose, after consulting the physician.

Homoeopathic physicians do not require pathological reports or other investigations. Pathological reports and investigations are the diagnostic criteria to assess the disease level in the patient. So to decide the line of treatment and the other paramedical instructions, these things are very important.
Also, to assess the recovery of the patient these things help the physician during follow-up.
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