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Myths about exercise

There are some myths (misconceptions) about exercise -

1) "Exercise causes as increase in appetite and hence food intake". But this is not true.

On the contrary physical activity is necessary for the normal functioning of brains feeding control mechanism. Therefore it is seen that sedentary people tend to eat more resulting in obesity while individuals who exercise regularly have appetite control and tend to take calories which match with their energy expenditure.

2) "The amount of energy lost during physical activity is so small that person has to spend a lot of time for exercise before achieving a substantial calorie loss". i.e To keep yourself healthy you have to exercise a couple of hours every day."

However remember that an increase in weight & accumulation of fat is a result of consistent increased intake of energy exceeding the requirement so the calorie loss should also be calculated over a period of time.

3) "Exercise is for people who wants to go for Body building competitions."

This is not true as exercise is not only helpful in building up muscles but it helps in toning up your body as well as helps many other systems in the body to work efficiently

4) "Exercise is needed only for young people"

.This is absolutely untrue as old people also eat and have to consume the calories ingested or else will gain weight and invite diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases etc.Also the digestion in old people becomes weak and exercise helps to improve the mucsle tone of the digestive system and helps in better absorbtion of nutrients.

5) "Exercise makes you sore."

Infact exercise makes you fresh for your activities as it improves your stamina, flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular functioning.

6) "Exercise is too expensive."

No Exercise need not be done with expensive instruments. Even simple exercises like jogging, walking, cycling, running, skipping,swimming can be done.

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