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Obese individuals can reduce in days. It is not good to reduce weight fast, as it can cause health deficiencies. Always reduce weight slowly and steadily and maintain weight loss achieved
Any disease can be cured by diet alone. Some diseases like deficiency diseases - anaemia can be cured by diet alone but some others like Diabetes, Heart disease can only be controlled by diet. A proper treatment with medical advice is always necessary. A doctor dietician can help you in such case.
In obesity no need to exercise if you are dieting. Moderate exercise along with proper diet is a must for reducing weight.
Visit a dietician, take advice and never go for follow up as diet remains. This is not true as after you start reducing your weight you need a Maintenance diet which allows you some food items slowly.
Dieticians give Monodiet i.e. exclusive protein diet, fibre diet which helps easy reduction of weight. All requirements are needed by the body and so it is a job of a dietician to see that all of them are provided in right proportion.
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