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A dietician makes you starve.

This is not true as a dietician only guides you as to what and how much you should eat to lead a healthy life by fulfilling body requirements for the nutrients.
You have to weigh the food in grams and which is practically not possible to carry any weighing instrument wherever you go. There is no need to weigh the food wherever you go but they can give you a fair idea of how much to eat in terms of household measures. E.g. katori/bowl, plate, spoon, etc.
You have to make a special meal for yourself which is time consuming and not possible in daily life There is never a need to give up your totally liking food but you can cut down the amount of food you eat or adjust the calories the next day accordingly.
One fixed diet pattern is applicable to many individuals. This is absolutely untrue as diet required for every individual is different varying with age, sex, occupation, (activity level).
There is no change in dietary requirements during physiological conditions like pregnancy and lactation and also growth phase i.e. infancy, preschool, school age, adolescent phase, old age. All nutrient needs change during each of these conditions. So a proper diet suiting individual requirement is needed for proper growth of individual and also foetus during pregnancy and lactation.
You can have a old look with wrinkles on your face after following dietary restrictions A dietician never cuts down the food intake drastically and so there is no sudden weight loss to have an old look. Also they advise you nutritious diets that contain fruits and vegetables, which give you a healthy look.
Deficiency diseases like anaemia or Vitamin B complex diseases need no diet change but can be treated with only Injections and tablets. These diseases are due to less intake of a particular nutrient and have to be provided from a good diet supplying a particular nutrient. These only if severe, need medical treatment.
"Should we eat only grass?" is the statement coming to the mind of a person who feels that a dietician cuts down on everything he eats. A dietician allows you to eat every kind of food in the right amount. So there is no need to eat grass. Of course! There are some food items required to be avoided according to disease requirement, which helps faster recovery from disease.
They give appetite depressants with a diet. Appetite depressants are harmful to health and would not be given by a conscientious dietician who knows about its consequences.
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