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Limitations of Homoeopathy

For the following conditions external aid is required as supplementary or supportive therapy because Homoeopathy alone can not cure these conditions.

Homoeopathic medicines have a very good scope in these conditions because, for each perticular minor variations in the symptoms of these following diseases we have specific & individual medicines which will help in curing the disease along with traditional medicines or some Auxallary mode of treatment like:-

First aids, Surgery,Rehabilitation,Plasters or Splints,Physiotherapy, Vitamin supplimentations, Hospitalisations,etc

  1. Mechanical traumas like fractures

  2. Chemical burns like - acid burns

  3. Electric shock

  4. Gross pathological changes in body like terminal cases of CCF,chronic failure and terminal cirrhosis

  5. Foreign bodies in organs like ear,nose etc. causing obstructive symptoms

  6. Malignant cases of late stage like Metastasis.
  7. Accidents.

  8. Poisoning.

  9. Pure surgical cases - hernia, prolapsed uterus,etc.

  10. Congenital anomalies - Down's syndrome.

  11. Physiological deficiencies in body - scurvy, beriberi, anemia.

  12. Emergencies like myocardial infarction, cerebro-vascular accident.

  13. Maintaining cause is present like marshy place in malaria, alcohol consumption in cirrhosis/hepatitis.

  14. X-ray radiation.

  15. When disease picture is not clear.

  16. Physical burns and injuries

  17. Severe Allergic reactions.
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