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Leucorrhoea (White Discharge)


It is defined as excessive vaginal discharge, which is non-purulent, non-offensive and irritant.

It is to be differentiated from a normal vaginal discharge, which varies from individual to individual.

Most women do not need to change the undergarments and the discharge does not stain the underwear but at times it can do so.

Hence majority of women do not really require any oral or vaginal tablets but definitely require assurance.


The excess vaginal discharge can be due to following reasons: -

1) Physiological

2) Cervical

3) Vaginal

1) Physiological: -
The normal discharge/secretion is expected to increase with rise of hormone level (oestrogen) which is seen in the following conditions

a) During Puberty
b) During menstrual cycle, i.e. around ovulation & Premenstrually.
c) During sexual excitement.
d) Pregnancy

2) Cervical:-
Non-infective cervical lesion can cause excessive secretion. Other conditions giving rise to leucorrhoea are cervical erosion, chronic inflammation of the cervix (Cervicitis) & mucous polyp.

3) Vaginal: -
Condition in which the pelvic congestion increase give rise to excessive discharge e.g. uterine prolapse, Chronic pelvic inflammation and use of contraceptive pills.

Ill health, Malnutrition, Anaemia and Tuberculosis are common illnesses associated with leucorrhoea. The illnesses are the cause and not the effect of Leucorrhoea.

Hence the treatment should be aimed at the above mentioned causes and not much importance should be given to leucorrhoea.

Out of the causes mentioned above, the most commonest local causes of Leucorrhoea are

1) Trichomonal Vaginitis
2) Monilial Vaginitis
3) Cervicitis


1) Trichomonal vaginitis: -

H/O - Frothy, yellowish discharge would favour the diagnosis.Presence of local itching will confirm the diagnosis.

Sometimes the husband also develops the itching at the tip of the penis after the intercourse.

2) Monolial vaginitis: -

Commonly seen in patient who are diabetic or pregnant, or taking antibiotics or oral contraceptive pills.

This infection should be suspected if the patient has not responded to Metranidazole course.

3) Cervicitis: - It should be suspected in all patients of Leucorrhoea who also complain of low backache.

The confirmation of diagnosis is made by speculum examination. Presence of muco purulent discharge coming out of the cervix would confirm the diagnosis.


Homeopathic remedies for Leucorrhoea can be selected & differentiated from the following broad criteria -

1] Colour of the flow
2] Viscosity and quantity of flow
3] Symptoms related with the flow
4] Staining & Odour

I] Colour of the flow

A) Yellow - Murex, Ustiligo

1) Murex -

Adapted to sensitive nervous lively affectionate women who are very tired, weak & must lie down.
Leucorrhoea thick yellow bloody alternating with mental symptoms. << mental depression.
Patient is happier when leucorrhoea is worse
<< touch, lying down, after sleep.
>> before menses, pressure
Leucorrhoea with aching in sacrum.
Least contact of parts causes violent sexual excitement.
Easily excited.

2) Ustiligo -

Adapted to tall, thin women at climaxis
A/F- sexual abuse, suppressed menses.
Foul yellow or brown leucorrhoea.
Acute ovarium pain.
Soreness of uterus & ovaries with pain shooting down thighs.
Pain under left breast.

B] Milky white - Sep, Borax

1) Sepia -

Suited to women at climacteric.
Leucorrhoea milky white or yellowish offensive with profuse itching. Leucorrhoea in large lumps in little girls instead of menses.
Pelvic organs relaxed.
Breathing down sensation as if everything would escape through vagina.
Must cross limbs to prevent protrusion.
Violent stitches upward in vagina from uterus to umbilicus.
Aversion to coition with exhaustion after it.

2) Borax-

Suited to women who are nervous, easily frightened, sensitive to sudden noises.
Leucorrhoea albuminous clear pasty with sensation of hot water flowing down legs.
Sensation of distension in clitoris with sticking.
Useful for sterility and favours easy conception.
Mentally extreme anxiety.
Dread of downward motion.
Easily frightened. Fear of thunder.

II] Viscosity and amount (quantity of flow)

A) Thick - Senecio, Secale Cor

1) Senecio -

Suited to nervous, pale, weak, sleepless hysterical women.
A/F suppressed or delayed menses.
Profuse flow of mucus from vagina due to sexual excitement. Leucorrhoea thick yellow, profuse flows down the thighs.
Mental inability to fix mind on one subject.
Nervousness and irritability.

2) Secale Cor -

Used for puerperal period.
Leucorrhoea thick brown offensive continuous.
Gangrene of female organs.
Suppression of milk with pain in breast.
Vagina hot. Puerperal fever.
Puerperal mania.
Exposes body, tears genitals, inserts fingers in vagina & scratches till it bleeds.
Loss of modesty. Madness, inclined to bite herself.

B] Thin Watery - Lil Tig, Lept

1) Lillium Tig-

A/f sexual excess.More often indicated in unmarried women.
Leucorrhoea thin brown acrid, stains brown << after menses, pain in labia
Congestion of uterus.
Constant desire to support parts externally.
Pain in ovaries and down the thighs.
Increased sexual instinct.

Sensation of ball under breast
Mentally hurried nervous depressed.
Engaged in fruitless activity.
Disposed to curse.
Inclination to weep.
Has to keep busy to suppress her sexual desire.

2) Leptandra -

Leucorrhoea warm watery, runs down the limbs from ulcerations of external os.
<< motion, periodically

>> lying on abdomen, on side.
Mentally hopeless, sad and drowsy.

C] Copious - Merc i. r., Caulophyllum

1) Merc i.r-

.Profuse acrid green Leucorrhoea. Fibroids stony hard.

2) Caulophyllum-

Leucorrhoea profuse & acrid with moth spots on forehead in little girls.
Needle like pain in cervix.
Extraordinary rigitily of os with severe pains flying in all directions. Irritable vagina.
Spasmodic pains

III] Symptoms related with the flow

A) Sexual excitement from - Canth, Hydrastis

1) Cantharis -

Useful for inflammation which are acute violent with rapid destruction of mucus membrane.
Leucorrhoea with sexual excitement causing itching & menstruation. Cutting pains in ovaries.
Prurites with strong sexual desire especially at menopause Nymphomnia Sexual desire not >> by coition.
Paroxysin of rage with biting, barking
<< touch, bright objects. Sings lewd songs.
Talks about genitals, urine & faeces.

2) Hydrastis -

Leucorrhoea thick, acrid, yellow ropy.
Intense itching with profuse leucorrhoea
With sexual excitement. Erosion of cervix.
Vagina sore during coition.
Hot watery discharge from uterus.

B) Leucorrhoea before menses - Graphites, Kreosote

1) Graphites -

Women who are fat chilly with history of delayed menstruation and take cold easily of climaxis.
Leucorrhoea pale, thin, profuse, white excoriating, before menses with great weakness in back.
Mammae swollen hard. Nipples sore cracked.
Hard ovaries & uterus.
Aversion to coitus.
Mentally timid, indecisive, fidgety while sitting at work. Music makes her weep.

2) Kreosote -

Leucorrhoea gushing like bloody water, offensive, corrosive causing itching.
Staining linen yellow before menses, having odour of green corn.
Violent pain during coition.
Burning in parts followed by discharge of dark blood next day. Violent itching of vagina << urination.
Cancer of cervix.
Hard painful lumps in breast.
Stitches in vagina.
Violent itching between labia & thighs.

IV} Staining & Odour

A) Staining - Purex, Thalapsi Bursa Pectoris

1) Purex -

Leucorrhoea profuse, foul staining greenish yellow.
Difficult stains hard to wash out.
Leucorrhoea with backache.
Intense burning in vagina and sensation of cotton ball in the vagina.

2) Thalapsi Bursa Pestoris -

Leucorrhoea before and after menses,
Bloody dark offensive stains, indelible.
Sore pain in womb on rising.

B) Odour -

Offensive - Psorinum, Carbolic acid

1) Psorinum -

Lecorrhoea offensive lumpy with much backache and weakness with violent pain in sacrum.
Breast swollen painful.
Eruption on mamae causing excoriation.

Mentally there is despair of recovery with hopelessness.
Suicidal tendency.
Fear of fire, of being alone, becoming insane.
Feels herself poor, her business is going to fail though it is prosperous.
>> lying with head low or quietly,washing.
<< yearly, full moon nights, cold suppressions.

2) Carbolic Acid -

Leucorrhoea thick, copious, acrid offensive green causing itching. Severe backache across loins.
Dragging down the thighs. Erosion of cervix.
Painful induration in breast.
Mentally disinclination to study or do any physical work.
Burning in vagina.

Sweetish - Merc cor

Merc cor -

Leucorrhoea pale yellow with sweetish nervous smell.
Glandular swelling around nipples which are cracked & bleed.


Kali mur -

Leucorrhoea milky white, non irritating mild and profuse.
Good for chronic cases of leucorrhoea.
Ulceration of os & cervis.

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