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Introduction to stress

In our 10 years of homeopathic practice we must have seen plenty of cases

. Being a homoeopathic physician we need to take a detail case history of every individual & ask several questions to the Patient.

The case history includes the patient's chief complaint for which the patient has come to us, other complaints related to the different systems of the body, the patient's physical characteristics like appearance, weight, skin condition, face peculiarities, thermal conditions.

Personal history including his appetite, thirst, likes & dislikes in food, normal discharges perspiration, stool, urine, menstruation etc. Their sexual functions, the sleep and position in sleep.

Mental make up of a person which has several dimensions like intellect, emotions and subconscious which includes childhood, schooling and adolescence phase, married life, family members and their interpersonal relationships, major/minor incidences in their life (Good or bad), suppressed desires, fears, hobbies, and their peculiar qualities, dreams and their feelings.

In children, pregnancy history of mother is very important as child may carry some of feelings which mother may have during her pregnancy period.

All these factors are very important to cause the CONSTITUTIONAL DISTURBANCES in the body. This attacks the vital force (the central governing power of a living individual i.e. Resistance power or Immune system) and causes all the disturbances in any of the systems like Digestive, Respiratory, Central Nervous, Cardiovascular and others. Thus affecting its normal functioning which settles in the body in the form of CHRONIC DISEASE.

While treating these PATIENTS (not their diseases) as a whole we found out that more than the infective agents or the organisms, the LOW RESISTANCE POWER of the Patient INVITES the infections followed by the diseases.

Human body is capable enough to fight with almost all kinds of infections & diseases on its own.

That is why a HEALTHY individual even if he is working in the hospital ward of some infectious disease like---Tuberculosis or Hepatitis does not get infected. Where a person who is living in a very healthy surrounding may also get these kind of infections if his Immunity is not strong.

Now if we try to find out the reasons of this lowered immunity we may not get any thing obvious. But the Detail case history of the Patient particularly his MENTAL background may give us a DEFINITE HISTORY of long standing STRESS.

The word STRESS means tension. But when it is used for describing the mental tension it is called as stress. Stress first affects the mind. Here it creates tightness & generates a sort of negative energy just like STEAM in an airtight vessel. This steam exerts tremendous pressure producing a TORNADO like condition in the mind.

When the mind can't tolerate this pressure it starts giving wrong signals to the body producing malfunctioning of the organs.

This malfunctioning of organs if remains for a longer time in the body can cause disturbances in the immune system producing DISEASE State in the body, which needs MEDICAL attention.

One very important thing everyone has to remember here is ones the disease sets in the body because of any stressful condition then it does not get cured without any medical attention.

Mere removal of cause (stress) does not cure the disease.

Let us see how stress can affect the body, It's parts, & it's different systems, which ultimately causes various disease conditions or otherwise aggravates their severity.

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