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What is ideal Cure?

Ideal Cure

The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health or removal of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, based on easily comprehensible principles.
                                                        Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

There is a big difference between relief from symptoms of disease and its cure. 'Relief' typically implies the reduction or disappearence of symptoms caused by a disease whereas 'cure' is elimination of disease.

We have seen how the established modern medicines give relief in various disease conditions.

We will stress the importance of the approach of homoeopathic principles and philosophy on how the cure takes place?

Hering's Law Of Direction Of Cure

Dr. Constantine Hering. M.D.
was a great Physician whose contribution to Homoeopathy is very valuable.
He found a very usefull drug Lachesis (a polychrest remedy which has a sphere of action on almost every system of the body) prepared from the very poisonous snake Surukuku found in Brazil.

He has also invented a law of direction of cure
It states that "In a patient who has recieved the Similimum (similar remedy), cure takes place -

- from within without,
- from above downwards
- and from more important organs to less important organs."

i.e. In a chronic case, during the process of Cure the old symptoms that have been suppressed as a result of wrong treatments reappear, and show a tendency to dissappear on their own.

No true cure ever takes place which does not follow this law of direction of cure.

We also would bear in mind the recent findings aforesaid in the human genome studies which are related to this approach.

'SYMPTOMS' are the 'CRY' of the body.

One should not suppress it. Body tries to communicate with the help of symptoms to attract the attention. If we mask them, there is a possibility that we may suppress a major dasease.

It is quite logical to take medicines in many disease conditions which gives relief immidiately,this is to avoid further complications & damage. But are we so FOOLS to overlook a bomb in the house by keeping a cover on it. NO WE ARE NOT.

The Physicians who are prescribing these medicines should not be blamed for this because this is not an intentional act, but this is the limitation of established modern system which can't give complete cure perticularly in chronic cases.
This ia just like Homoeopathy which has it's own limitations in treating acute & life threating diseases to give quick relief.

There should not be any EGO conflict between the Practionars of both the faculties as both these Systems of medicines are a blessings to the human being & everyone should respect both of them.

In short, all these medicines should be used only when they are specifically indicated and only to control the acute stage of the disease. And attempts should be made to achieve the complete and holistic care to keep holistic health.

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