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Hyperacidity / Reflux Oesophagitis / Gastritis


Let us consider this commonly seen illness more prevalent in all the age groups.


The word hyperacidity itself suggests that the quantity of gastric acid (hydrochloric acid) is increased.


- Irregular food habits
- Intake of spicy and oily food
- Excessive use of the drugs like Aspirin and NSAIDS ( Drugs used in Arthritis)
- Alcohol in higher concentration or in amount & Smoking.
- Stress due to trauma, burns , sepsis, shock, surgery & physical illnesses.


- Burning sensation in the throat / upper central chest
- Pain and discomfort in upper part of abdomen / mid or lower chest
- Feeling of fullness
- Nausea / Vomiting
- Loss of appetite


The diagnosis of illness can be made clinically by proper history of patient.

In some cases, (when in doubt) the diagnosis can be made by doing few investigations like
1]Barium swallow and meal
2]Endoscopy (upper G.I. tract )

DO'S -
1 Common Diet -
Milk,Wheat,Red coloured rice,Ladies finger,White Pumpkin,Coconut,Buttermilk

Excessive heavy,acidic,watery food,avoid heat,working in hot places, shift duties etc.


This condition is also called as Gastro-oesophageal Reflux disease.(GORD)

In this condition,there is prolonged contact of the gastric contents with the lower oesophageal line up (Mucosa).

Heartburn is the major symptom.
Pain the mid or lower chest may be present.
Burning sensation in the same area aggravated by bending, stooping or lying down.
Regurgitation of food and hydrochloric acid in the mouth can occur.


GORD is a clinical diagnosis and can be treated without investigations.
In case of doubt following investigations can be carried out
1] Oesophagoscopy
2] Barium swallow
3] Endoscopy


This can be treated with simple antacids and avoiding the precipitating factors like Alcohol / smoking.


1] Acute & 2] Chronic

Acute Gastritis


It means an acute inflammatory infiltrate in the superficial gastric mucosa predominantly with neutrophils.
Commonly stated as swollen inner layer of the stomach.

Chronic Gastritis


It consists of infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells and can lead to development of atrophic changes in the mucosa.
Commonly stated as thinning out of inner layer of stomach.


The causes of acute gastritis are same as mentioned earlier under the heading of Hyperacidity.
The chief cause of Chronic Gastritis (Infective) i.e. by Helicobactor Pylori affecting the antrum and body of the stomach.
Other causes :-
1] Chronic intake of drugs like NSAIDS
2] Biliary reflux.
Many chronic gastritis patients are without complaints but require no treatment.


The diagnosis of chronic Gastritis can be made by
1] Gastroscopy
2] Gastric biopsy
3] Gastric acid studies
The main concern to carry out the investigations is to detect 'Cancer' in stomach.


1] Removal of the cause i.e. stopping anti-arthritic medicines
2] Diet- mainly fluids- milk and buttermilk (sweet),avoiding spices in the diet & avoiding tea / coffee.



Though clinical symptoms of hyperacidity remain common to find out the exact useful remedy the description of the symptoms may be useful.

1) Robinia-

Acidity associated with frontal headache.
Intense sour eructations especially in children with intense vomiting. Even the stool is sour smelling weak.
Faulty digestion.

2) Arsenic Album-

Great anxiety and restlessness.
Nausea at sight and smell of any food.
Severe burning in stomach,
Causing thirst for water- frequent but small quantities.
Ailments from watery and citric fruits.
Feels better with warm drinks.
Type A personalities who are very fastidious.

3) Nux Vomica-

Very irritable personality with deep frown on forehead.
Ill effects of mental stress and sedentary life.
Bitter and sour taste in morning, Vomiting
Saturday night syndrome.
Pain and sensitive stomach region.
Desires for stimulants - alcohol, coffee, tobacco.
Aggravation << by eating fatty food.

4) Anacardium -

A/F exam tension causing hyperacidity.Brain fag.
Easily offended
Empty feeling in stomach.
Eating relieves all the discomfort temporarily.
Fullness and distention with weak digestion.
Tendency to choke while eating or drinking.

5) Sulphuric Acid-

Great weakness.
Hot flushes in stomach.
Water causes coldness in stomach.
Sour eructations and vomiting.
Desires alcohol and aversion for coffee.

6) Calcarea carb-

Sour eructation & vomiting.
Aversion to fat, meat, & milk.
Desires indigestible things like chalk,coal & pencils,eggs, salt, sweet food.
Pain in middle area of chest (epigastrium).
Loud belching.
Mouth fills with sour water.
Obese personality with big bloated abdomen.
Sluggish in movement.


1) Natrum Phos-

Acidity with sour belching.
Loss of appetite with indigestion.
Vomiting of dark fluid like coffee ground.
Pain in one spot after food.

2) Silicea-

Chronic acidity,
inflammation of first end of stomach
With acid eructation and burning in chest.
Appetite increased.
Always feels hungry.
Cannot tolerate meat,warm food and alcohol.

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