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How it affects the body?

In this FAST MODERN LIFE people do not have time for themselves & even if they have they don't want to spend for self .
Everybody is running around to achieve, something or the other.
Yes we do agree that this is a good sign for Development, but the SPEED of that running behind this is FEARSOME.

For example : -
We set some goals in front of us.
we keep a borderline to complete it.
Then to meet that we do hard work
Imagine if some difficulty comes in between.
This disturbs our schedule & takes some extra time .
All these causes Irritability in our mind
This creates pressure in the mind .


More or less every individual gets affected with the stress. It depends on which area of him or her got affected. Depending upon the affected organ or system that particular individual suffers with the disease.

Every individual possesses his own STRENGTH & WEAKNESSES depending upon his GENETIC pattern (came from his PARENTS.) The weakness of particular organ or system is the effect of the weaker gene.

These GENES represents the physical characteristics of that individual. This is how the stress affects the weaker part of body in different individual at different times. Or same stress may affect different systems of different individuals at the same time.

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