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Health and exercise


Good physical conditioning of the body is very important. All of us need not be athletic champion but all of us can improve the functions of the heart, lungs & muscles. Physical conditioning can be achieved with little or no equipment. All that is needed is time each day & great determination & patience. Regular exercise is a must to keep yourself healthy.

Regular optimum exercise is essential for optimal health. Sustained, vigorous use of the muscles stimulates all tissues and increases circulation. Blood vessels dilate and blood pressure rises. As a result, tissues become oxygenated, which helps to clean the cells of toxins. Digestive glands secrete their fluids better and the bowels move more easily.

Regular exercise should be an integral and necessary part of daily life.


There are some myths about exercise -

1) "Exercise causes as increase in appetite and hence food intake". But this is not true.

On the contrary physical activity is necessary for the normal functioning of brains feeding control mechanism. Therefore it is seen that sedentary people tend to eat more resulting in obesity while individuals who exercise regularly have appetite control and tend to take calories which match with their energy expenditure.

2) "The amount of energy lost during physical activity is so small that person has to spend a lot of time for exercise before achieving a substantial calorie loss". i.e To keep yourself healthy you have to exercise a couple of hours every day."

However remember that an increase in weight & accumulation of fat is a result of consistent increased intake of energy exceeding the requirement so the calorie loss should also be calculated over a period of time.

3) "Exercise is for people who wants to go for Body building competitions."

This is not true as exercise is not only helpful in building up muscles but it helps in toning up your body as well as helps many other systems in the body to work efficiently

4) "Exercise is needed only for young people"

.This is absolutely untrue as old people also eat and have to consume the calories ingested or else will gain weight and invite diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases etc.Also the digestion in old people becomes weak and exercise helps to improve the mucsle tone of the digestive system and helps in better absorbtion of nutrients.

5) "Exercise makes you sore."

Infact exercise makes you fresh for your activities as it improves your stamina, flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular functioning.

6) "Exercise is too expensive."

No Exercise need not be done with expensive instruments. Even simple exercises like jogging, walking, cycling, running, skipping,swimming can be done.


aerobics or exercising to music

brisk or uphill walking

jogging or running

swimming & cycling

ice-skating, roller skating

Besides these which help to loose calories, yogasanas help to reduce fat from specific areas of the body.

- Walking is one of most enjoyable exercise.

In it, all the foot, leg, hip muscles & many of back muscles are involved.

The abdominal muscles tend to contract & support their share of the weight.

The diaphragm & rib muscles increase their action.
Arm & shoulder muscles move automatically.

Shoulder & neck muscles get active as the head is held erect.

Eye muscles are exercised as you look about.

Gardening ,swimming & cycling also exercise most of the muscles.

Even during daily routine work one can exercise.

This is done by- choosing an active way of doing a thing rather than a lazy way, e.g.-

- walk upstairs instead of using a lift.
- Walk to school or a place of work instead of a bus
- run to get the ball which has rolled away rather than walking.


1] improves fitness which includes

a) flexibility
b) muscle strength
c) cardio respiratory functioning by causing the heart beat to grow stronger & steadier & breathing to become deeper.

2] It helps individuals in coping up with stress

3] It improves your posture & builds up self- confidence as it makes you look good.

4] It improves the capacity for physical work.i.e. stamina. This is because of the-

a) maximum cardiac output during exercise.
b) an increase in the ability of muscle to extract oxygen from blood as rate of blood flow increases throughout the tissues during exercise.
c) As the blood flow through the tissues increases waste products from the cells are removed more effectively and so the body uses energy more effeciently in mental and physical task.

5] It helps to maintain weight and also reduce weight in obese individual by reducing the fat deposits.

6] In underweight individuals also exercise is equally important as it helps by stimulating their appetite to improve intake of food. If helps to improve muscle tone of digestive system and results in better absorption & digestion of food & thus helps in weight gain.

7] It improves the liver & kidney functions.

8] It increases the volume of blood, haemoglobin & red blood cells leading to good utilization of oxygen & iron.

Also you can avoid many of the diseases by following a routine in which exercise plays a very important role.

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