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Diseases and Exercise

Life has changed today. Because of the latest developments in the TECHNOLOGIES the standard of living has also become very luxurious. The work has changed from laborious to sedentary type of jobs. The eating pattern has also changed with craving towards fast foods & junk foods. The people are not understanding the value of exercise and prefer to spend their time in fruitless activities & entertainment like spending time in parlors, restaurants, watching T.V. shows etc.

Lots of people say that they are aware of this fact of life but they don't get time for it in this FAST & MODERN life. 

This is just as excuse as just as you brush your teeth in the morning, you take a bath daily, you take your breakfast, lunch & dinner exercise should be made a part and parcel of your life. Just as eating is a must for living so is excercise. The extra calories you take in when you eat must be burnt out because these calories add to your body weight and result in obesity which in turn make you prone to diseases like diabetes, hypertention cardio vascular diseases.
If you can spare even 30-45 minutes for exercise you can change the direction of your life to a holistic health. Research has shown that 20-30 % of the diseases can be prevented & treated with exercise alone.

Like every machine our body also needs movement & momentum particularly the locomotor system i.e. the structure of the body made up of bones, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, nerves etc. In all the connective tissue diseases exercise plays a very important role that is the reason in recent times the % of early degenerative changes are seen commonly in the radiographs of younger generation.
In past the common age of these type of degenerative diseases was around 45-50 years where as in recent times this age limit has come down to 30-35 years.

The most commonly seen degenerative diseases today are : -

- osteoarthritis of knee joint
- cervical spondylosis,
- lumbar spondylosis,
- frozen shoulder,
- prolapsed intervertebral disc,
- tennis elbow,
- gouty arthritis
- carpel tunnel syndrome etc

The diseases other than these diseases are : -

- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Asthma
- High levels of lipids
- Hyperacidity
- Constipation & piles
- Renal calculi
- Sleeplessness or Insomnia

All these above mentioned diseases can be prevented as well as kept under controlled by doing regular exercise.
Mind you this is all free of cost. You don't have to pay a single cent for this, As well your medical expenses are also not at stakes.

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