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As the name suggests, this is a condition in which there is a inflammation of the conjunctiva.(Red eye)

The conjunctiva is a mucus membrane which covers the under surface of the lids and is reflected from the lids to cover the anterior part of the eyeball upto the margins of the cornea.


There are many types of conjunctivitis depending upon their causative factors. Broadly we can group them into Conjunctivitis due to -

1) bacterial infection
2) viral infection
3) specific infection
4) allergic infection
5) following injury
6) associated with skin diseases.


- Congestionof the blood vessels of the conjunctiva causing redness of eyes.
- Exudation of the sticky pus like dirty material from the corners of the eyes.
- Oedema of conjunctiva causing swelling of the eyes and difficulty in opening them.
- Increased secretion from the tear glands causing watering of the eyes.
- Discomfort and foreign body sensation due to oedema of blood vessels.
- Photophobia or difficulty to tolerate the light because of oversensitivity.


Diagnosis of Conjunctivitis is very simple and can be made only with the presence of above mentioned signs and symptoms.


A. Prophylactic -

Prophylaxis against the good eye, if only one eye is affected-Infection of the good eye may be prevented in two ways-

(a) By not touching the eye with one's own finger.
(b) By asking the patient to lie on the affected side,so that discharge from the affected eye may not come in contact with the good eye.

2) Prophylaxis against other mambers of the family - The personal belongings of the patients like towel,handkerchief etc.,should be kept separate.


Belladonna -

Acute attack of Conjunctivitis.
Right sided symptoms,
Congestion of eyes with redness, swelling and throbbing sharp pain.Eyes sparkling, staring.
Pupils dilated. Conjunctiva red dry.
Shooting pain. Pain comes and goes in repeated attack.
Attacks of blindness then yellow vision.
PHOTOPHOBIA sensation as if eyes were half closed. Exophthalmus
<< Slightest jar, light, motion night sun lying down
>> pressure, rest, warm room.

Apis mel -

Suppurative inflammation of eyes.
Conjunctivitis with bright red and puffy conjunctiva.
Lids swollen, red oedematous.
Bag like swelling under eyes.
Burning, shooting, stinging, piercing pain.
Lacrymation hot.
Photophobia yet covering intolerable,
Can not look fixedly at any object
Can not read in artificial light.

Euphrasia -

Catarrhal conjunctivitis.
Discharge from eyes acrid profuse thick, hot < open air, lying, coughing, leaving varnish like mark and bland coryza.
Water all the time in the eyes, watery eyes as if in tears.
Conjunctivitis instead of menses.
Pain in eyes alternating with pain in abdomen.
Sensation of hair before eyes, wants to wipe them.
Burning and swelling of lids.
Frequent inclination to blink.
Ptosis. Photophobia with spasm of lids.
Pressive cutting pain in eyes.

Allium Cepa -

Conjunctivitis with burning smarting pains
Profuse, bland lacrymation. Eyes suffused watery
>> open air
<< coughing.
Wants to rub eyes.
Burning of eyelids.
Sensitive to light.
Near objects seem distant while yawning.
Frequent violent sneezing with acrid discharge from nose.

Guarea -

Conjunctiva red inflamed & swollen.
Tearing pain in eyeballs.
Forced out feeling.
Objects appear gray, upside down.
Eye symptoms alternate with diminished hearing.

Cantharis -

Acute violent inflammation of conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis with fiery red eyes. Sparkling eyes with staring look. Objects look yellow. Cutting smarting burning in eyes, causing mental excitement. Discharge acrid watery.
<< Bright object touch, cold
>> rest warmth rubbing
Mental excitement with sexual mania
Excessive sexual desire not >> coition
Rage with crying, barking << bright objects touching larynx. Sings lewd songs.
Talks of genitals, urine feces.

Rhus Tox -

Saccular Conjunctivitis.
Eyes swollen red. Pustules inflammation.
Lids inflamed, agglutinated (sticking) dry, firmly closed.
Eye painful. Pain behind eyes << motion.
Profuse gush of hot tears on opening lids.
Profuse flow of yellow pus.
Photophobia. Vertical diplopia.
Ptosis paralysis of any of muscles of eyeballs.
Pain << turning eyes or pressing can hardly move the eyes.


Ferrum phos -

First stage of inflammation with acute pain.
No pus or discharge.
Acute conjunctivitis with photophobia.
Pain in eyeball << movement of eyes.
Eyes red with burning sensation sore.
Sensation as if grains of sand were under eyelids.

Kali Mur -

Discharge of white mucus from eyes or yellow greenish discharge.
Specks of matter on the lids.
Feeling of sand in the eyes.


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