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Benefits of exercise

1] Improves fitness which includes

a) flexibility
b) muscle strength
c) cardio respiratory functioning by causing the heart beat to grow stronger & steadier & deeper breathing.

2] It helps individuals in coping up with stress

3] It improves your posture & builds up self- confidence as it makes you look good.

4] It improves the capacity for physical work.i.e. stamina. This is because of the
a) maximum cardiac output during exercise.
b) an increase in the ability of muscle to extract oxygen from blood as rate of blood flow increases throughout the tissues during exercise.
c) As the blood flow through the tissues increases waste products from the cells are removed more effectively and so the body uses energy more effeciently in mental and physical task.

5] It helps to maintain weight and also reduce weight in cases of Hypertension and obese individual by reducing the fat deposits.

6] In underweight individuals also exercise is equally important as it helps by stimulating their appetite to improve intake of food. If helps to improve muscle tone of digestive system and results in better absorption & digestion of food & thus helps in weight gain.

7] It improves the liver & kidney functions.

8] It increases the volume of blood, haemoglobin & red blood cells leading to good utilization of oxygen & iron.

9] It helps in burning the extra suger or extra fat from the blood by doing the Calorie consumption.

10] Exercise of the abdominal area helps in improoving the digestion related problems such as Indigestion, Gaseous distention, acidity, constipation etc.

Also you can avoid many of the diseases by following a routine in which exercise plays a very important role.

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