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About this site

In our 10 years of homeopathic practice we have seen plenty of cases. Being a Homoeopathic physician we take a detail case history of every individual & ask several questions to the Patient.
After collecting all the information we analyse & evaluate this information. This is the most important part of our job.
This analysis & evaluation helps us to find out the exact cause of the disease, onset of the disease,its modalities etc.

Patient's role in case taking is very important as that is the basic information which helps in prescribing the medicine.

The case history includes -

Physical history-

The patient's chief complaint for which the patient has come to us, other complaints related to the different systems of the body, the patient's physical characteristics like appearance, weight, skin condition, face peculiarities, thermal conditions.

Personal history-

Including his appetite, thirst, likes & dislikes in food, normal discharges perspiration, stool, urine, menstruation etc. Their sexual functions, the sleep and position in sleep.

Mental make up of a person-

Which has several dimensions like intellect, emotions and subconscious which includes childhood, schooling and adolescence phase, married life, family members and their interpersonal relationships, major/minor incidences in their life (Good or bad), suppressed desires, fears, hobbies, and their peculiar qualities, dreams and their feelings.
In children, pregnancy history of mother is very important as child may carry some of feelings which mother may have during her pregnancy period.

Today health related.com sites are of great attraction because of the information they give us on various topics & the business they provide. But have ever known of a site which gives you a holistic approach of living a healthy life ???
Here is an opportunity to know this. The motto of the site is not to divide the body into fragments & separate the mind from the body but to treat the mind and body as a whole because without such a togetherness, a person can't be a human being. Our aim is "to make healthy a human being & not the individual parts."

This site plays the important role of informing you of a path towards a healthy life with the basic idea being "HEALTH IS WEALTH". It gives you an idea
- to keep a healthy & stress free mind
- taking a proper diet
- doing the correct exercise
- Brief information about the diseases like its causes, signs &   symptoms,diagnosis etc.
- using simple home remedies & homoeopathic medicines to cure the diseases.

- Brief information about the diseases

All informatiom like its definition, common causes, signs & symptoms, routine investigations, diagnosis, complications & auxiliary (non medicinal) modes of treatment.
This is to let the common man have a brief idea about the diseases to identify them in early stage & take medical advice at the earliest.

- to keep a healthy & stress free mind

Primarily it believes & preaches in the fact that if your mind is healthy you are healthy. Many of the diseases are psychosomatic i.e., a disease travels from mind to body. So to prevent the diseases a clear mind is of utmost importance. Stress is the most common cause of many illnesses.So overcoming this major factor will help to keep away from many illnesses

- doing regular and correct exercise

Also many people do not realise the importance of exercise & prefer to have a drastic reduction in their regular diet which help them reduce weight fast but make them physically unhealthy. This site gives you information on exercises, misconcepts about exercise, types of exercises, & how it helps you keep healthy & fit.

- taking a proper nutrition

Along with a healthy mind diet & exercise play a important role to keep fit.There are many misconceptions About a dietitian. This site helps you to get clear these misconceptions & make you realise that a dietitian Guides you to your required diet i.e. BALANCED DIET to suit your requirements taking into consideration your likes & dislikes.

- difference between Relief and Cure

We require medication only in certain disease conditions. But the point to consider is while treating a disease, What are we really looking for,is it "RELIEF" or is it "CURE?"
Many-a-times we get confused between RELIEF and CURE and then we seek remedy which gives only symptomatic relief insted of a total cure.

- using simple home remedies & homoeopathic medicines to cure the diseases.

Homoeopathy a science based on the law "like cures like"or natures law of cure is known to many but people are reluctant to take this treatment because of the ideas they have about it like it being a lengthy procedure , the disease aggravation it can lead to etc.Here in this site you get information on common remedies used in acute illnesses

If we understand these important factors on which Human Health is dependent and if we follow the guidelines herein given, then the need of the medicines would be greatly reduced.

About 60-70 % of all the known diseases are caused by not following the above factors . If we correct ourselves and follow a healthy routine then we can prevent, avoid or cure the diseases in the initial stages without any medication.

Rest 30-40% cases are surgical, congenital or caused by certain external unavoidable factors like food poisoning, accidents, atmospheric changes or epidemics and may require medications or surgical procedures.

Even if we need any medicines then our approach should be "to get immidiate relief for Acute state of disease followed by a complete cure for Chronic disease".

- detail Case Study for references

Patients treated successfully using this concept are really living their healthy life happily & helping us to spread this message.Case study will give better idea to the people who are interested in getting more knowledge about this.

We herein are giving information about Homoeopathic medicines. But it does not mean that this site is against established modern medicines i.e. Allopathy.

Rather we believe in Allopathic medicines & respect that system of medicine
The scopeand use of Allopathic medicines in ACUTE diseases is incompatible.

Some diseases like Epilepsy, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid diseases, certain bleeding disorders etc. One has to take Allopathy medicines to avoid the further complication of these diseases.
You can try medicines of any other system In attempt of curing the disease.
There are certain conditions where Allopathic medicines are essential as life saving drugs in diseases like Angina pectoris, Status Asthamaticus, etc.
Remaining list is given in Homoeopathy - Limitations of Homoeopathy.

This site is intended to help you to live wholesome healthy life.

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