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Seven Cardinal Principles Of Homoeopathy

One should know the seven cardinal principles of Homoeopathy on which it is based as then you are sure on how safe and effective is this system of medicine.

1. Law of Similia

Similia similibus curentur i.e. let like be cured by likes is based on natures law of cure 'Similia similibus curantur' like cures like. This law is applicable after taking a case with the totality of symptoms of a disease indicated. A remedy should be administered which is capable of producing a similar state with symptoms in a healthy individual.

2. Law of Simplex

Homoeopathy believes in administration of single remedy at a time. Every medicinal substance has its own characteristics (effects it produces) which differentiate it from others. So effects of combination of medicines are not known and their action could be confused.

3. Law of Minimum

Homoeopathic medicines are administered in minimum quantity i.e. 3-4 small white pills quantity sufficient to arouse a reaction in the body. If given in large doses they can cause physiological changes producing side effects and organic damage. Also by minimum dose there will be no known aggravation of symptoms.

4. Principle of Drug Proving

The curative power of medicinal substance is its capability to produce disease symptoms in a healthy individual. This curative power is known by proving medicinal substances singly on healthy human beings and recording their symptoms. These symptoms constitute the materia medica of Homoeopathy. The speciality of this science is that proving is done on healthy individuals as against lower animals or effects of drug observed in accidental, suicidal or homicidal poisoning

5. Principle of Chronic Disease

After exhaustive experiments Hahnemann led to the conclusion that root cause of chronic disease are Miasms. These are fundamental cause of the disease.These miasms are -

- Psora
- Sycosis
- Syphilis

Its effects are observed on skin and mind (functional disorders only). Produces excessive itching and eruption with peculiar odour e.g. Eczema.

Affects the general organs and produces cauliflower like growth tissue e.g. Fibroids,arthritic conditions, tumors, etc. (suppressed gonorrhoea).

Appears in form of chancre on genital organs and responsible for destruction of tissues e.g. malignancy, destructive and ulcerative changes pus formation (suppressed syphilitic conditions).

6. Principle of Vital Force

Body is governed by life force which Dr. Hahnemann terms as a vital force. This vital force maintains normal functions and sensations. Any disorder of vital force causes a disease and cure only takes place when deranged vital force (at dynamic level) is brought back to normal.

7. Principle of Drug Administration

The real curative power of drugs remain hidden in crude state. Homoeopathy states that life force (vital force) is affected or deranged to produce diseases and it can be cured only by dynamic power of medicine. The dynamic power of drug is only released when the drug in crude state undergoes processes of Trituration and Succussion.

Trituration is grinding to reduce size of particles or crude substances and expose the surface area thereby releasing medicinal energy.

Succussion is the process to raise the potency and hence dynamic power which increases with each vertical hitting of bottle on a leather pad (strokes).
By these processes the dynamic power of drug is released and brings curing power to the medicine. Though the process of drug dynamisation brings the medicine to minimum dose, the action of drug is deeper, longer and individual.
Thus, uncommon characteristics nature of drugs is brought into activity.

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